Translator Group Already Rolling

  • The translator group of the city of Hämeenlinna and the newspaper Hämeen Sanomat translates newspaper articles into Russian, English, Swahili, Lingala, French, Chinese, Arabic and Polish.
  • First translations appear to the blogs of Hämeen Sanomat within few days.
  • The idea is that each one translates articles that are important and interesting to him- or herself.

Hämeenlinnan kaupungin kanssa perustettu kääntäjäryhmä on aloittanut jo työnsä. Ensimmäiset käännökset ilmestyvät lähipäivinä Hämeen Sanomien blogeihin. Idea on, että jokainen kääntää lehdestä itselle tärkeitä tai kiinnostavia aiheita. Kuva: Toni Rasinkangas


1. Who are you?
2. What has brought you to Finland?
3. Where have you worked and what is your profession?
4. Why did you want join the translator group?
5. What is your motto?
6. The most beautiful Finnish word?


1. GHISLAINE CEUSIKYUBWA. I’m Congolese, married and mother of five child. I moved to Finland in 2010 with my nuclear family.
2. I came to Finland from UNHCR’s, Rwanda’s state’s and Finnish government’s agreement. I’m a quota refugee. I lived in a refugee camp in Rwanda for about 10 years.
3. I have worked in Kongo and Rwanda as a teacher and a multi-cultural employee in refugee camps for about 10 years. In Finland, I have worked as a teacher of my mother tongue and an interpreter. I’m a teacher, but in Finland I graduated as a studies counselor.
4. I want to be in the translator group in order to improve my Finnish language skills as well as other language’s that I know. I would like to study social services.
5. I won’t give up.
6. For me the most beautiful Finnish word is ӊidinkieli (mother tongue).

I have lived most of my life in Belgium and graduated from high school in Finland.
2. High school.
3. I’m a baccalaureate and I have been in a “työkokeilu” (work tryout) at Vila.
4. I want to utilise my language skills and get new experiences. In addition, I’m interested in translation and have considered it as a possible future occupation.
5. Attitude counts.
6. Liplattaa (ripple).

Family relationship. My husband decided to return to his birth region, and the whole family moved to Finland.
3. I’m a building engineer. After Latvia’s University of Agricultural Sciences I worked about six years as a civil engineer. My working life changed as I started a new job at the Ministry of finance’s international aid programs department, where I worked for nine years. After that I worked about seven years as a project manager and a chief executive officer in Kurzeme region’s development agency. In Finland, I have been an office worker at Hämeenlinna’s Setlementti Ry for half a year.
4. I want to improve my Finnish language skills for better job opportunities.
5. I agree with Martin Luther, who has said: “Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree.
6. Avaruus” (space).

Love. In 2007, I married a man who lives in Finland.
3. I have worked in diverse jobs in Finland as well as in Russia: in Russia I worked in a photo laboratory where I mainly modified and processed pictures. In Finland, I have worked in the fields of cleaning, carpenter and logistics. My professions are cabinetmaker and stockkeeper from the logistics field.
4. Mainly to improve my Finnish. I hope to get a new profession in which I don’t need to work in shifts, so I would have enough time to spend with my daughter.
5. Think positive, smile more often, the best is yet to come.
6.Unelma” (dream).


1. BOTOND VEREB-DÉR, the city’s renesanssi-project’s project manager. I have moved from Hungary to Finland eight years ago.
2. The love for Finnish language and work brought me to Finland. I already studied Finnish language in a university in Hungary and after getting a job offer I decided to move here.
3. In Hungary, I got employed in diverse customer service jobs thanks to my Finnish skills. In Finland I started as an interpreter and staff manager, and then proceeded as a journalist in Tampere. After that ended, I worked at Hämeenlinnan Kaupunkiuutiset for three months, and moved to Hämeenlinna city’s projects that target improvement of employment treatment.
4. The idea evolved from that, even though making translations is a good way to learn new words and assimilate grammar, it’s rarely used in language teaching.
5. Think global, act local.
6. Vauva, laulu” (baby, song). But, above all, I like the music of the language because when Finnish is used correctly, a unique melody arises.

JING YU-HELLBERG. I’m from China.
2. I have lived in Finland for five years. My husband is Finnish and my father and sister live in Finland. That’s why I came to Finland.
3. I did graphic design as a part-timer at a university in China. I’m an art and graphic designer. I studied in a university for four years.
4. I wanted to join the translator group because it helps me learn Finnish.
5. Tomorrow is a new day.
6. The most beautiful word of Finnish is “kiitos” (thank you).

, from Latvia, leader of the group.
2. Finnish nature, language and the support from my Finnish friends.
3. I have been in many occupations, the most important ones are Finnish language teacher and translator/interpreter.
4. I think of my participation to the translator group as a calling and a new challenge.
5. The earlier we start, the later we finish.
6.Ristikukkaisjuures nauris” (cruciferous root vegetable turnip).

I’m an Iraqi refugee man.
2. I came to Finland on the 13th of August in 2013 because I couldn’t live in Iraq. An electricity company tried to corrupt me and I resisted it, after which, party militants tried to kill me, so I could no longer live in Iraq.
3. I’m a graduate of electrical engineer from a university in Iraq. I have studied Finnish.
4. I want to develop and improve my Finnish language skills so I could find a job and study a Master’s degree in Engineering.
5. Always try to live with dignity and calm.
6.Mukava” (nice).

I’m from Kongo.
2. The civil war in Kongo.
3. I work at Kumppanuustalo. I’m a teacher.
4. I want to help Congolese to understand the Finnish language, and also use my mother tongue.
5. Be brave.
6.Onnellinen” (happy).

PIOTR KASPEREK. I’m a 21-year-old Polish man.
2. Family reasons have brought me to Finland. Five years ago, my father got transferred to work in Finland and my mother decided to move here to live together with her husband. That’s when I decided to move as well.
3. In fact, I don’t have any profession yet. I graduated from high school and came to Finland right after it. Because of the move I didn’t have time to get a job in Poland. My working life started only in Finland with different “työkokeiluja” (work tryouts).
4. I want to join the group because I believe it can help me improve my language skills, and prepare me enough to both, the life in Finland and the profession I’m interested in.
5. No matter what they wish for, no matter how far they go, people can never be anything but themselves. That’s all. -Haruki Murakami-
6. Finnish is a beautiful language, which is why it’s hard to pick one word. But I think that the word “matka” (journey) is very beautiful. In Polish it means “mother”.


Original article by Tuulia Viitanen
Picture by Toni Rasinkangas
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