Is a Pristine Face a Horror?

Is a pristine face a horror to you? Would you go to a shop without makeup?

For myself the answer is clear: of course I will go to a shop without makeup. I am that school representative whose body changes to a bikini body by only putting on bikinis.

Being makeup-less recently came up again when the Grammy awarded artist Alicia Keys proclaimed her #nomakeup message.

The 35-year-old R&B singer wrote on the feminist Lenny site about the appearance pressures that women face, and in the end of it swore to stop hiding herself.

That’s good. She does have a point.

Keys told that the #nomakeup style partly started from when the star went to get photographed straight from the gym with no makeup on, wearing a training shirt.

In her writing, Keys reviews appearance pressures adopted already as a young girl and how she strived to please others with her appearance.

This is how it seems to go in life – at least when the teen is insecure – if I remember correctly.

It has always confused me why people generally judge someone’s decision on not wearing makeup or to wear makeup.

Those that wear makeup, do it probably because they feel that it adds more value to their lives. That, whether searching for more value through appearance is desirable, can remain everyone’s own food for thought.

It did take quite many decades before I understood that the desirableness and voluptuousness of existence does not depend on looks.

For a young person, being without makeup may be a social statement against appearance pressures and women’s objectification.

How about the older generations then?

Would Paula Koivuniemi, a Finnish adult pop star, get additional points if makeup-less pictures of her would spread? I don’t think so. Barely no one would even recognise her.

A pessimist would again criticise that a beautiful millionaire woman like Keys can easily mince makeup-less.

But, but. Somehow in that singer’s attitude there is this impressiveness and power. Keys explained that without makeup she felt herself the strongest, the most influential, the most free and most beautiful than she has ever felt.

Under Instagram’s #nomakeup hashtag can be found nearly 12 million pictures in which both women and men pose completely natural – some inspired by Keys, some not.

Original article by: Elina Nummelin
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