Ministry: Loss of Jobs Continued Last Year

Jobs disappeared last year even more than were created. The total gross employment decreased by 10 000 jobs, tells the Ministry of Employment and the Economy of Finland.

Approximately 216 000 new jobs were created last year, which is 17 000 more than the year before.

New jobs were created especially in companies seeking for growth and in which also variability in the quantity of staff was big. In the public sector, recruitment was emphasized on filling the gaps from losses in labour, so for instance retirement.

About three out of four of the new jobs were full-time.

Relatively most new jobs were created in the information and communication sector as well as in construction, and regionally looking in Varsinais-Suomi and Ostrobothnia.

6 000 more jobs have been created in both, the information and communication sector as well as in the administrative and support activities. Employment has increased the most in health care services, where approximately 10 000 jobs were created.

In turn, jobs have decreased the most in social welfare’s institutional services, wholesale and retail trade and repair of motor vehicles.

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