Values Unite Europe

The situation of Europe has increased the aggressive public discussions in many countries.

The refugee crisis and the recent terrorist attacks in the large cities have created an atmosphere of fear that, in Hans Kristian Amundsen’s view, needs to be taken into account by the leaders of Europe in their communication.

-Every country has the duty of staying calm and consider carefully its acts. States have to rule both their borders as well as their reactions to crises.

According to Amundsen, the most important thing is that Europe remains united through fundamental values, such as freedom of speech, open society and humanity.

Norway’s Labour Party’s party secretary believes the political right-wing’s way to react to refugees provoke fear and confrontation.

-We have to choose a democratic attitude, otherwise we are not Europe.

Original article by: Vanessa Valkama
Original article found in: Hämeen Sanomat (issue of Tuesday 14th June 2016)

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