The Country’s Most Modern School Will Be in Tuomela

Erkkerin pääty on kolmiomainen ulkoa. Rehtori Arto Nykäsen mielestä se nivoutuu hyvin Sokos Hotel Vaakunan ja linnan silhuettien ilmeeseen. Kuva: Markku Tanni

The end of the bay window is triangular from outside. According to the headmaster Arto Nykänen it intertwines well with the looks of the silhouettes of the Sokos Hotel Vaakuna and the castle.

The calendar of Arto Nykänen, the headmaster of the school of Tuomela, is full of guided tours. There has been visitors all the way from Masku and Imatra to take a look at the school’s advancement.

The open learning environment has not been tried out before on the similar scale in Finland. In the new Tuomela there are no corridors and all the unnecessary walls have been poured.

In learning environments, the same plan is repeated floor after floor. There is one big learning space which is convertible with two tepee-like huts.

The tepee-like hut consists of four curved pieces that can be united for the morning assembly and at other times used for modifying the space.

The learning environment is en-suite with toilets and a smaller glassed-in classroom.

-The little classroom is for calming down. We know that every day in school, there comes situations in which it would be good that the student gets to be in peace, Nykänen explains.

Nykänen strongly believes in that the situation in the open classroom does not become restless. He compares the situation to the classes visits to the library, because also then children know how to behave without sitting on the school benches.

The previous speeches of a school without desks is being redeemed now.

-Any school desks have not been ordered. Instead, each pupil gets a wheeled locker, which they can move around with them throughout the day.

Monitoimitila täyttää kaksi vanhaa kerrosta. Tila halutaan antaa myös iltakäyttäjien vuokrattavaksi. Kuva: Markku Tanni

The multi-functional space fills two old floors. The space is planned to be given for rent for use in the evenings.

The old cellar and the handwork classroom had to give way to the new multi-functional space.

The roof between two floors was removed to get a new high space. The purpose is to build a stage and a removable grandstand there.

The space’s speciality is a green wall, with which plays demanding for special effects may be filmed. In video’s post-processing, the green wall may be edited out and replaced with a different background.

-Here we can develop pupils’ aplomb and emphasize articulacy in teaching, headmaster Nykänen says.

Next to the multi-functional space, there is the classroom of housekeeping and a “little kitchenette”, in where service for guests of the multi-functional space can be prepared.

Uusi ullakko eli tuleva kuvaamataidon luokka oli juuri saanut kiiltävän lattiapinnoitteen. Kuva: Markku Tanni

The new attic, so the future art classroom, had just got a glossy floor finish.

Nykänen also tells about the pupils’ own living room, where children and youth may casually hang out on the couches. There will be a television and tablets in the room.

The unused attic has received a complete facelift. The spacious and whole floor filling room turns into a new art classroom.

-This used to be a total pigeon attic! Now an entirely new bay window, from which opens up a view to the Häme castle, has been built in here, Nykänen says.

Another novelty is the school’s own health care unit. The pupils should have a low threshold to get to the nurse, for instance by notifying the teacher about a headache.

A sculpture by Petri Kukkonen will rise to the yard still this June. It will be composed of embossed letters that form the words “yhteiskoulu, yhteisvoimin” (“co-ed school, jointly”). Children get to press their handprint in the letters.

The jungle gym and trees that are already in the yard remain. The school’s facade that is made of bricks is now plastered and gets a yellow colour. Constructions should be completed during July.

The new Tuomela

Building divisions
The small children’s side will be in the three lowest floors. In each floor there will be a class of preschool as well as first and second graders.

The classes of third, fourth and fifth graders will each get their own floor.

Sixth graders study on the side of upper comprehensive school.

Physics, chemistry, language, housekeeping and music lessons will be held in special classrooms.

The renovation’s estimated cost is 12.2 millions.

he decision on the renovation of the school of Tuomela came in autumn 2012.

The renovation started in October 2014.

The building is handed over on the 16th of July, after which the contractor gets to modify the school yard.

The school is ready to start running at the beginning of the autumn term.


Original article by: Essi Sutinen
Pictures by: Markku Tanni
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