Midsummer of Hämeenlinna

The celebration of light and midsummer influences many timetables.


Hämeen Sanomat is issued before Midsummer on Thursday 23.6. and after it on Monday 27.6.

Alko’s shops are open on Thursday 23.6. at 9-20, on Midsummer Eve on Friday 24.6. at 9-12. On the day of Midsummer on 25.6. Alko is closed.

From the pharmacies, Tori-Apteekki (Hallituskatu 18) is open every day at 8-21.

Shops may decide their own their opening hours on Midsummer Eve 24.6. and Midsummer day 25.6. The restrictions on the opening hours do not concern kiosks, gas stations or shops in rural areas either.

Autoliitto’s roadside assistance is on call 24 hours in a day. Help may be alerted everywhere in the country from the number 02008080 (1,95e/min + standard local network rate).

Veterinary emergency duty is offering services in the number 0201800820 (chargeable).

Train transportation’s accurate timetables for Midsummer can be found from the internet www.vr.fi, the timetable books, the stations and the hotline 060041900 (1,99e/call + standard local network rate).

In the bus transportation there are many changes. On the eve’s evening 24.6. and the Midsummer day 25.6. buses operate limitedly. Timetables may be verified from the web site of Matkahuolto www.matkahuolto.fi or the mobile version m.matkahuolto.fi as well as from Matkahuolto’s national timetable counselling 02004000 (1,99e/call + standard local network rate).

Local transportation in Hämeenlinna runs on Midsummer Eve 24.6. according to Saturday’s timetables, until 13. On the day of Midsummer 25.6., there is no traffic. Timetables may be found from the address www.hameenlinna.fi/Palvelut/joukkoliikenne/aikataulut-ja-reitit.

The doctor is on call at the emergency duty of the Central Hospital of Kanta-Häme around the clock. The switchboard’s number is 036291.

The fire department, the police and an ambulance from the general emergency number 112.

Banks are closed on Midsummer. The cash and currency dispensers work normally.

The principal library is open on Thursday at 10-17, closed from Friday to Sunday. On Midsummer the self-service works at the libraries in Hauho (6-22), Jukola (6-22) and Tervakoski (6-22).

Original article from: Just, page B10-B11, part B of Hämeen Sanomat (issue of Wednesday 22nd June 2016)

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