Is it Allowed to Play in School Yards at Any Time?

Last week in Facebook, it was wondered why a security company employee went to request youth playing basketball in the yard of the school of Ahvenisto to leave.

Isn’t it allowed to use school yards freely outside school hours, the Chairman of Linnan Tilapalvelut (facility management company in Hämeenlinna) Susanna Hietanen?
Guards have been instructed that everyone has to leave all schools’ and kindergartens’ yards for the period between 22-04. The instruction is based on residents’ feedback and night time peace.
-Those vandalis
ing are of course always removed from the area.

Are there playing fields in Hämeenlinna in which it’s possible to play around the clock?
-Such courts, near which there is no settlement, may be hard to find. Courts are often placed just next to schools.

Why isn’t this prohibition notified in the yards of schools and kindergartens with signs for example?
Playing at night time hasn’t caused that many tasks to the guards. As long as the disturbances stay in only few individual cases, signs will hardly be put up. It would take more time and money than requesting the players to leave.
-If this becomes a more common phenomenon, the signs will surely be re-considered.

Has this rule sparked a similar conversation in the past?
-Not that I know of. The rule is quite reasonable. Nor do I believe that people usually play in the courts in the middle of the night.


Original article by: Iida Nieminen
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