Action in the Traffic Park

The traffic park in Kauriala is now open daily.

On Thursday 30th June from 10 to 12, there is supervised program in the traffic park where you can get to taste herbs or build bee cabins.

Pikku-Pena Nyholm plays the lute for the pleasure of forenoon. Pedal cars are available from 9 to 15.

You get to use pedal cars in the park on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9 to 15, at other times it is free to ride your own bike there. The park has always a free entry, also the pedal cars are available free of charge.

Activities are organised by Hämeenlinnan Seudun 4H Association and the city of Hämeenlinna. The traffic park is situated in Kauriala at Torikatu 22.

Original article by: Toni Rasinkangas

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