Does Liquorice Always Raise Blood Pressure ?


Finns are eager liquorice eaters. Liquorice and salty liquorice are known to raise blood pressure.

Do liquorice and salty liquorice raise always and everyone’s blood pressure, Specialist in Internal Medicine Ilkka Kantola from the Academic Central Hospital of Turku?

-Liquorice and salty liquorice don’t raise everyone’s blood pressure. On the other hand, if the patient is susceptible to them, they might raise blood pressure in small quantities already. Sometimes someone has even had to be taken into intensive care because blood pressure has risen so much. It would seem that liquorice and salty liquorice susceptibility is associated with salt susceptibility, so for those that salt rises blood pressure, also liquorice and salty liquorice do it as well.

So should eating them be avoided even though blood pressure would have been reduced using drugs?

-If you are susceptible to liquorice and salty liquorice then eating them should always be avoided as they can also weaken the effect of blood pressure drugs.

What kind of amounts can an adult eat? Can children eat liquorice without restriction?

-If you are liquorice susceptible, a smaller amount (10 grams) may raise blood pressure. If however you are not susceptible, you can eat almost without restriction. About children’s use of liquorice I cannot say.

Does liquorice have any other physiological effects?

-Not so much. For some it might although stimulate intestinal activity.

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