Ajastin Guest: An Adopted Child Is Your Own

Oh how lovely kids! Are they your own or adopted? I stare the asker in disbelief. His/her face reveals that an answer is expected. I say that I do not understand the question. Adopted children are always your own. Desired, wanted and expected. Cherished, loved and rejoiced. My offspring, for whom I Lisää

Can Approaching Thunderstorm Cause Headache?

Some people feel that change in air pressure causes them nasty physical symptoms. During low air pressure you feel tired and headache appears before thunder. What phenomenon is in question? Can changes in air pressure really cause headache, line director of the neurology clinic HUS Nina Forss? -Thes Lisää

Does Wanaja Sell Well in Advance?

The big festivals Provinssi and Ruisrock did an attendance record this summer, told Ilta-Sanomat on Tuesday on their website. According to Mikko Jokela, the promoter of Ruisrock, weather does not have much impact on the event’s visitor counts as 90 percent of the tickets are bought in advance. Lisää

High Heels to the Ceiling at the Fitness Station

Entrepreneurs Liisa Korhonen, Anne-Marie Kainulainen and Reija Siltanen are renovating the new Fit Station group exercise centre above the bus station. Professional help has been needed in electricity and plumbing installations, but otherwise the entrepreneurs have coped with the help of volunteers. Lisää

During Summertime People Sleep Less Than in Winter. The Light is the Worst.

The heat makes you sweaty, the light of the summer night keeps you awake. Does this sound familiar? Markku Partinen, the professor, specialist in neurology and sleep researcher, tells that summertime insomnia is a clearly rising phenomenon in the rapports. -For some summer affects their insomnia, t Lisää

Pekka Vihma from Vanajanlinna Group Launches a Pop-up Hotel

Pekka Vihma, CEO of Vanajanlinna Group from Hämeenlinna, develops a pop-up hotel together with Kustom Promotion’s Mikko Kittelä from Lahti. The idea is to open temporary hotels enclosed with big public events to offer additional accommodation. -The idea was born simply from the need. We have f Lisää

Tourism and Hospitality Industry Sales Are Growing

Tourism and hospitality industry sales grew by 3,4 percent in January-March. The sales growth in the beginning of the year was stronger than expected, tells the industry organisation Mara. Economical prospects have turned positive for the first time in four years. Four out of five of the industry Lisää