Tourism and Hospitality Industry Sales Are Growing

Viime vuonna Linnankadun päähän avattu Ravintola Popinon kesäravintola Street Food and More on houkutellut tänä kesänä enemmän asiakkaita. Yrittäjä Hanna Lindholmin mukaan kaupunkilaisilla kesti hetki löytää ravintola. Nyt hyvät ilmat ja tapahtumat ovat lisänneet myyntiä entisestään. Kuva: Esko Tuovinen

Ravintola Popino’s summer restaurant Street Food and More, that was opened last year to the end of Linnankatu -street, has attracted more customers this summer. According to the entrepreneur Hanna Lindholm it took a while that the citizens found the restaurant. Now the good weather and events have increased the sales even more.

Tourism and hospitality industry sales grew by 3,4 percent in January-March. The sales growth in the beginning of the year was stronger than expected, tells the industry organisation Mara.

Economical prospects have turned positive for the first time in four years. Four out of five of the industry’s companies expect summer’s sales to grow from last year, appears in the trend survey in May.

-It will take time though, to get to the normal level before the stagnation of 2009, tells Mara’s economist Jouni Vihmo.

Sales have grown both on tourism and hospitality side. In Mara’s summer sales forecast, in the tourism industry we were somewhat more hopeful than in the hospitality industry.

In tourism industry, overnighting has been increasing when the growth in the amount of foreign tourists has continued. Also domestic travelling has increased. The loss of Russian tourists nonetheless still reduces the tourism industry because they are the biggest passenger category in Finland.

Food sales have supported the growth of sales in restaurants when dispensing has decreased steadily approximately 20 years.

230 tourism and hospitality industry companies across the country answered the summer sales survey by Mara.

According to Vihmo, the positive expectations on sales are due to the weather having favoured at least until now. Secondly, the economic situation allows the growth of tourism.

According to Vihmo, tourism and hospitality industry lives out of private consumption, which grows 1,5 percent this year. According to forecasts the growth decreases by half next year.

-The economy is still fragile. The field is influenced by how much people can afford to put money in additional things after mandatory life expenses. The growth of economy is still stunted, although it’s expected to grow steadily up to 2020, Vihmo says.

Outi Mertamo, CEO of Resta Invest which is running three restaurants in Hämeenlinna, tells that sales of spring and summer have been rising since last year.

-It has affected much that the weather has been better now. There is a lot of positive bustle in Hämeenlinna, which brings people out-of-town here, therefore tourists and cottagers.

Mertamo cannot say whether the risen sales numbers are due to the improved economic situation or the various events in the summer. According to her the effects of economic changes are seen in delay in Hämeenlinna compared to bigger cities.

Also Karoliina Mäki-Kuutti, CEO of Tawastia Group, believes that better economical prospects are seen in delay in the region.

-Mara looks at the development from the metropolitan area where the year has been good. The economic recovery begins to appear here little by little. Let’s hope that the momentary groundings are now seen.

Mäki-Kuutti tells that in spite of all, compared to last year especially the tourism industry has become more perky in the city.

Original article by: Vanessa Valkama
Picture by: Esko Tuovinen
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