Pekka Vihma from Vanajanlinna Group Launches a Pop-up Hotel

Pop up- hotellin asiakaspakettiin kuuluu muun muassa pesuaineet, vuodevaatteet, pyyheliinat ja korvatulpat. Kuva Porin toimistorakennukseen toteutetusta pop up- hotellista. Kuva:

The customer package of the pop up hotel includes detergents, towels and earplugs among other things. Picture from the pop-up hotel realised in an office building in Pori.

Pekka Vihma, CEO of Vanajanlinna Group from Hämeenlinna, develops a pop-up hotel together with Kustom Promotion’s Mikko Kittelä from Lahti. The idea is to open temporary hotels enclosed with big public events to offer additional accommodation.

-The idea was born simply from the need. We have for many years been in charge for the catering services of the Pori Jazz event among others and there has always been a need for additional accommodation, Vihma tells.

The first pilot events were Mukkula’s Summer Up festival and Pori Jazz. This summer the pop-up hotel is realised in an empty student dormitory and an empty office building.

-The goals are clear. To help the event organiser sell more, says Vihma.

The pop-up hotel serves for example attenders that do the decision to go to the event at the last minute. It has required much background work to get the project to a bullpen.

-We have done tight co-operation with the supervising authorities. There is quite many security issues and permit matters to figure out, says Vihma.

The next bigger ensemble will be realised enclosed with next winter’s FIS Nordic World Ski Championships in Lahti where there is already agreed to be a fair 300-bed pop up hotel. According to Vihma, the purpose is to make the business nationwide. The operations expands for summer 2017 to several events, for example to Neste Oil Ralli in Jyväskylä.

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