High Heels to the Ceiling at the Fitness Station

Anne-Marie Kainulainen (vas.) näyttää, että uusia tankoja kaivataan Fit Stationille jo kovasti. Kainulainen, Liisa Korhonen ja Reija Siltanen ovat olleet remontoinnissa alusta asti itse mukana. Kuva: Terho Aalto

Anne-Marie Kainulainen (on the left) shows that new poles are already very longed at Fit Station. Kainulainen, Liisa Korhonen and Reija Siltanen have been involved in the renovation from the beginning.

Entrepreneurs Liisa Korhonen, Anne-Marie Kainulainen and Reija Siltanen are renovating the new Fit Station group exercise centre above the bus station. Professional help has been needed in electricity and plumbing installations, but otherwise the entrepreneurs have coped with the help of volunteers.

There won’t be a gym at Fit Station, but with the fitness station’s card you get to four different fitness stops around Hämeenlinna. Korhonen, the CEO, tells there is already enough gyms.

-We want to focus on our own marginal by providing diverse group exercise, like pole dance and acrobatics. Gyms require many investments, but we invest to our equipment, Korhonen says.

New rotary pole dance poles will be added during the renovation. Other equipments come from the company’s past premises in Saarioinen. The past My Flow changed its name to Fit Station in the relocation.

Metallic bars, to which acrobatics hobbyists can hang with tissues, have been installed in the ceiling. In addition the real estate has got a few new dividing walls, wall paints and carpetings.

The premises had already locker rooms after the past capoeira school. It facilitated the large-scale work.

-We have had to work a lot in order to make the premises cosy and beautiful. We would however want to respect the building’s 1950s spirit, Anne-Marie Kainulainen emphasises.

Thanks to the petition of Fit Station’s entrepreneurs, the bus station’s parking lots are free to use without a parking disc and free of charge after four o’clock. The change becomes valid in the beginning of July.

The entrepreneurs justified the need to the town by that staff from Wetterhoff used the parking lot a little after three in the afternoons. Korhonen believes the calm city centre would get some life with the parking lots.

In autumn there will be senior classes at Fit Station for the first time. Babies will have their own gymnastic exercises too, and for 4-11 year-olds there is acrobatics, pole gymnastic exercises and circus courses.

The novelty of the fitness station is lunch gymnastic exercises. It is a group exercise class held during lunch break when anyone can stop by to do a training and then zip for lunch. According to Korhonen it reinvigorates the body because it cuts the thread of sedentary work.

According to Kainulainen, Fit Station is the only group exercise centre in Hämeenlinna where it is possible to take heels -high heel dance classes. The height of the shoes does not matter, as long as they fit your feet and are sturdy.

Reija Siltanen is in charge of heels and chair dance. She tells that she has had to learn the secrets of chair dance by herself.

-It would be interesting to get under someone else’s teaching. We haven’t found chair dance anywhere else in Finland, Siltanen wonders.

The test classes of the group exercises will begin as soon as the premises are ready in the end of July. The everyday calendar starts to roll on the 22nd of August.

Original article by: Essi Sutinen
Picture by: Terho Aalto
Link to original article: http://www.hameensanomat.fi/uutiset/kanta-hame/311048-korkkarit-kattoon-kuntoasemalla

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