Companies Want a New Student – Intervening the Studies Is Considered Questionable

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Picture: Anja Filppula

A logo in the student overall is maybe the most visible and known form of co-operation of students and companies. Companies however have many other means to make its way to the student.

Tiia Lehtola the CEO of the discount site Frank, owned by the Finnish student organisations SYL, SAMOK, SAKKI ry and SLL as well as the travel agency Kilroy’s, says that new students are an interesting target group in companies opinion. Many students move out from their parents and for the first time face different consumer choices.

For example the discount site Frank has approximately 700 collaborators around Finland. Several different fields companies, with which Frank’s representatives visit 25 Finnish universities of applied sciences, are with Frank’s and the student discount card ISIC’s campus tour. For example product prizes are distributed on the tours.

According to Lehtola, marketing directed to students is not only about building the company’s own image and growing commercial sales, but also about finding possible future employees.

According to Heikki Koponen, the chairman of the National Union of University Students in Finland (SYL), it depends on the field of the student what kind of company co-operation the student’s subject association does. Koponen studies industrial engineering and management in Aalto University.

-There the field’s companies organise for example excursions to production facilities or introduce companies’ operations in other ways. Dinner or lunch might be included in it, Koponen lists.

Traditionally also some companies from pharmaceutical sector have done co-operation with medical students. For example Orion has distributed stethoscopes to medical students. The company’s marketing director Jarmo Kettu tells Lännen Media via email that Orion organises lectures and briefings for guiding on the use of drugs and aiding tools in Finland’s university localities where there is a medical faculty. In addition the company organises briefings for pharmacy and pharmacist students. The company organises training sessions on prescription drugs for students on the last stage.

-In addition to stethoscopes, we distribute also aiding tools related to making drug choices and prescribing the right doses to final stage students. Those and the stethoscopes are very inexpensive, it is noted in the email.

Koponen views that through company co-operation, students get contact to working life and insight on what working life is like. In addition students do theses as commissions for different companies. On the other hand, he points out the strong presence of companies is criticised.

-Of course it is also criticised and questioned if student’s studies are willed to intervene in or affect their studies’ progress. There is no any large-scale dissatisfaction however.

-Company co-operation primarily helps the student in getting employed, he continues.

Original article by: Laura Myllymäki
Picture by: Anja Filppula
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